Bonjour - Hi!

First, who am I?

I'm Erin and I'm a 30-something full-time calligrapher in the Montreal area who loves the written word.

Why did I start calligraphy?

I fell in love with the art form years ago and when I got gifted classes, I knew I needed to pass along my passion to others! You can read a bit more about my start here.

Have you had formal training?

Yes! I started learning in 2015 with Joy Deneen, who is amazing, I have also taken workshops with Barbara Close, Rachel Yallop, Marco Chioini, Christopher Haanes, former Chief Whitehouse Calligrapher Rick Paulus, and Yves Leterme.

Are you a solopreneur?

Yes! Sort of. I do have an office assistant named Bruce, but he's pretty useless. (Not to worry, he's just my green-cheeked conure and he can't read...hence useless).

Do you also work in French?

Bien sûr! Je suis billingue, mais ma langue maternelle est l'anglais. Si vous voulez communiquer avec moi en français, n'hésitez pas. :)

See below to find out about the experience!



"It was a pleasure to work with Erin and her calligraphy services. From the moment of initial inquiry to the completion of the work, Erin was great at communicating how the process flows and answered all of our questions. I would certainly recommend her services - 5 stars!"

- Chris & Phil, Wedding




Reach out HERE and tell me a bit about your vision


Within 24-48 hours we'll talk through your vision in detail , either through Zoom or phone



Within 24 hours, you'll be getting a detailed quote and contract to sign that will include everything we discussed




Once I receive your deposit and/or materials, your work ends, and mine fully begins! The artistic details you expect are being created. We'll stay connected throughout the process - updates will be given as needed



Your detailed artistic vision is complete and ready for pick-up!

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