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About Me


Erin - Face - Closeup

Bonjour| Hi!

I'm Erin and I'm the 30-something full-time calligrapher and engraver behind Neilson Letters Calligraphy. I’m incredibly passionate about my calligraphy, engraving and personalisation business because I believe that beauty is found in the details.


My professional calligraphy journey in Montreal began  in 2019, but I started learning in 2015 (Read more about my start here).


Since going full-time, I have worked with amazing brands and incredible clients that have showcased my love of the written word, and have been recently published in the book Handstyle Lettering: 20th Anniversary Edition ! (See my portfolio here)

I'm also currently the president of La Société des calligraphes do Montréal!

I promise to bring my calligraphy expertise and professionalism to your special event and make your details just right. 

I Love To Learn

Like I mentioned, I started studying calligraphy in 2015 and once I caught the calligraphy bug, I couldn't stop taking workshops and classes! 

Because of this, I'm able to offer many different script options for my clients


These are the workshops and teachers I've been lucky enough to have learned from over the years.

An Introduction to Copperplate with Imagine Joy

Private Lessons

Pointed Pen Variations

Level 2 - Continuation with the Pointed Pen

Copperplate Variations & the Ruling Pen

The Calligrapher's Process - From Conception to Completion

The Truly Flexible Pointed Pen


Italics Correspondence Course

Built-Up Caps Online

8. Black and White Calligraphy Supplies.

Copperplate Calligraphy - Lowercase & Uppercase

Hand Embossing

Spencerian Script - Lowercase & Uppercase

Seastones - The Smooth Journey to Flourishing

Acanthus Leaves

Adventures with the Pointed Pen


Watercolour Flowers

Copperplate Catchup

Madarasz Script 

Brush Roman Capitals ​

Refine Your Script - Engrosser's 4 Week Workshop

Scribes Spencerian Saga - Hosted by Martha Laurens 

A Bit About
the Business

Also, I'm sort of a solo - preneur!  I say "sort of" because I have an office assistant named Bruce, but he's pretty useless. (Not to worry, he's just my green-cheeked conure and he can't read...hence useless). He just sits on his cage most of the day and judges my work!

While he judges me, I am always working hard on various projects, I believe that inspiration can be found wherever you look. 

Et je suis bilingue! mais ma langue maternelle est l'anglais. Si vous voulez communiquer avec moi en français, n'hésitez pas. :)

Erin Laughing
Erin Sitting and Smiling

How It Works


Reach out HERE to tell me about your vision


Within 24-48 hours, we'll talk through your vision in detail, either through video chat, or a phone call


Within 24 hours, you'll be getting a detailed Quote and Contract for you to sign that will include everything we discussed


Once I receive your deposit and/or materials, your work ends, and mine fully begins! The artistic details you expect are being created. We'll stay connected throughout the process - updates will be given as needed


Your detailed artistic vision is complete and ready for pick-up!

(For more information about in-store brand activations and live events, please see my pricing page here, or reach out directly here  to connect)

About the Business



Custom Orders

Je suis tellement contente d’avoir choisi les services de Erin Neilson pour mon projet «  Mehdi 50 » , le résultat dépassaient de loin toutes mes espérances! Je recommande vivement ses services pour vos projets. En attendant d’avoir à faire de nouveau avec Erin , je lui souhaite de magnifiques projets à venir.

Audacieuse Vanille, Chalkboard Signage

Erin did a phenomenal job! Our menu boards are now beautiful, fancy and fit the atmosphere of our store.  It’s a game changer : we can see clients paying a lot more attention to our menu now! Thank you!! 

- Paulina | Owner

Jess & Olivier,

Erin personalized my wedding invitations and they were AMAZING. The hand made touch added so much flair and made them very distinguished. 10/10.

Erin a personnaliser mes invitations de mariages et elles étaient GÉNIALES. La petite touche faite à la main les a rendu tellement plus chiques et distinguées! 10/10

Maison Birks, 
Brand Activation

Working with Erin was easy from start to finish! So professional and the calligraphy was perfectly done

- Melinda Bishara | Digital Graphic Designer

Chris & Phil,

It was a pleasure to work with Erin and her calligraphy services. From the moment of initial inquiry to the completion of the work, Erin was great at communicating how the process flows and answered all of our questions. I would certain recommend her services - 5 stars! 

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