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  • Erin Neilson

My Top 6 Calligraphy Tools

I'm sure you've all been wondering "What kind of tools does a calligrapher use?"

Well, I'm here to answer that question!

Here are my Holy Grail Items (to borrow the term from the beauty community).

1. Blackwell Wood Holder

This guy is a workhorse

It can fit a variety of nib sizes, and I don't have to mess with a flange *thumbs up*

2. Nibs:

- Hunt 101 - super fine hairlines, and thick down strokes, but can be a bit finicky if you're too heavy handed

- Nikko G - Great for beginners because of the stiffness of the nib

- Blue Pumpkin: First, the color is really pretty, and second, makes very sharp squared off tops

3. Ink:

- Higgins Eternal - not the permanent one! It will ruin your nib. Best for practicing

- Sumi Moon Palace - nice and shiny finish. Best for final pieces

4. Color Ink: These ones you need to brush into your nib, but the extra steps are worth it

- Finetec Watercolours - any color of them - especially their golds

- Nicker Designers Colour Gouache - not a lot of people talk about them, but I love every colour I have! The neon pink is tons of fun.

5. Paper

- Canson Marker Paper - Great for practice as it comes in packs of 100

- Arches Watercolour Paper - lightly textured, and really beautiful to work with. Comes in Cold press, hot press, and rough

- Canal Paper - Made locally from Papeterie St. Armand

6. Lightpad

- Huion: battery powered 12.9 x 9 inches Not 100% necessary, but damn, does it ever make things easier. I love this one because if can either be used plugged in, or just on the battery.

What are some of your favourite calligraphy tools?

Best wishes,


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