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  • Erin Neilson

My journey to being Your Creative Coach

I guess I should start with letting you know my name, Erin.

Thanks for being here :)

If you want to read a bit about me and how I got here, keep on reading

Figuring it out...

A few years ago I was unhappy with my retail management career. While I enjoyed my amazing team and my clients, I knew that I needed a new challenge. I decided I wanted to go back to school to try and figure out what I actually wanted to do. I looked up some continuing education programs given at my old university (Concordia if anyone is curious - hello Bachelor of Arts with a major in Human Relations!) and they were doing a program called Personal and Professional Coaching.

The opportunity...

This program seemed to fit exactly what I was looking for! I met some wonderful classmates, learned a ton, and finished with my Personal and Professional Coaching Certification (PPCC) in mid 2019.

At the same time I received my PPCC certification, I had the opportunity to go freelance with my creative passion of calligraphy. Upon reflection, I didn’t think I could do both coaching and calligraphy simultaneously. Starting one business is tough, so starting two at the same time would have been more than I could handle. This is how Neilson Letters Calligraphy began!

The beginning...

Now that my calligraphy business is under control, I will be pursuing both businesses simultaneously by combining coaching and calligraphy together. With my coaching experience AND my experience in launching and maintaining a business, I know that I have unique insights to help you with YOUR creative business!

So, here I am, Erin, Your Creative Coach!

Erin Neilson, Owner of Neilson Letters (Photo by Julia @juno_photography)

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