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My Calligraphy CV

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

This seemed too long for the FAQ, so here is a little bit more about me!

I began my calligraphy journey with Montreal calligrapher, Joy Deneen back in 2015. The very first time I was in that intro class, I was hooked! I continued to study by taking workshops under Barbara Close (Pointed Pen Variations), Rachel Yallop (Ruling Pen Techniques & Copperplate Variations), and former Chief Whitehouse Calligrapher, Rick Paulus (The Calligrapher's Process & The Truly Flexible Pointed Pen).

I have been a member of the Montreal Calligraphy Guild, La société des calligraphes de Montréal, since 2016, was a voting board member for 2 years, and was the International Workshops Coordinator. I was also a committee member and Welcome Bag Chair of the 2019 International Calligraphy Conference, Rendez-vous 2019, which hosted 350 calligraphers from across the globe.

I am also hoping to go to IAMPETH next year, which is being hosted in Atlanta, Georgia. I, of course, want to go to connect with many other people who have the same passions as me, but also want to have some of the famous Atlanta cooking!

My hope is to continue to learn from everywhere and everyone forever, and to continue to contribute to the calligraphy community where I can.

Best wishes,


It's me! Hello everyone :)

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