Calligraphy Resources

Updated: May 15

** Update** I've made a list of Canadian Art & Supplies Stores/Brands. It's a live Google Sheets doc so I can adjust when needed. (It's 'view only' to make sure nothing gets deleted) CHECK IT OUT HERE ** Hey calligra-friends!

It's time for a new blog post

So, I was going through a references and resources list I had made for my local Montreal calligraphy guild (check here to see if you have a guild in your city!) and I realized that there is so much information online, and it's hard to know where the good information can be found. I figured, if I'm making a list for references and resources for my guild, I may as well make this available on my website too!

Unlike recipe blogs, I won't write a novel before I give you the information you're actually looking for.

You're welcome ;)

Below you'll find a list of the most common resources I personally use, or I know other full-time calligraphers use, as well as LOCAL SHOPS IN MONTREAL I use to buy my calligraphy supplies for all of those Quebecois(se) who want to start exploring the art of calligraphy.


Avenue des Arts

  • The go-to location for Montreal calligraphers and artists alike. They really know their stuff! Great place to buy a nibs that aren't just your basic Speedball or Nikko G. High quality art materials, choice of paper and other art supplies

Au papier japonais

  • An eclectic shop featuring Japanese washi paper, stationery, books & home décor as well as workshops. (Due to COVID19, workshops are currently unavailable)


  • This links directly to a great beginner calligraphy set I've come across from the brand Manuscript . The pen holder and nibs are great, but I would replace the ink that's included with something like Higgins Eternal or Moon Palace Sumi


  • DeSerres can sometimes be hit or miss when it comes to calligraphy supplies. A good rule of thumb, is if something comes in a kit, it's not great. BUT they seem to be getting better and better stock! Please let me know if you need any help navigating what's worthwhile :)


  • An art supply store that carries a wide variety of supplies. You can get paper, gouache, and other creative things here