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Calligraphy Resources

** Update 2 ** Want to learn more about doing Live Calligraphy & Personalization for Luxury Brands, check out this online course, Luxury Lettering 101 by Some Art Club, by using my affiliate link here! ** Update** I've made a list of Canadian Art & Supplies Stores/Brands. It's a live Google Sheets doc so I can adjust when needed. (It's 'view only' to make sure nothing gets deleted) CHECK IT OUT HERE ** Hey calligra-friends!

It's time for a new blog post

So, I was going through a references and resources list I had made for my local Montreal calligraphy guild (check here to see if you have a guild in your city!) and I realized that there is so much information online, and it's hard to know where the good information can be found. I figured, if I'm making a list for references and resources for my guild, I may as well make this available on my website too!

Unlike recipe blogs, I won't write a novel before I give you the information you're actually looking for.

You're welcome ;)

Below you'll find a list of the most common resources I personally use, or I know other full-time calligraphers use, as well as LOCAL SHOPS IN MONTREAL I use to buy my calligraphy supplies for all of those Quebecois(se) who want to start exploring the art of calligraphy.



Avenue des Arts

  • The go-to location for Montreal calligraphers and artists alike. They really know their stuff! Great place to buy a nibs that aren't just your basic Speedball or Nikko G. High quality art materials, choice of paper and other art supplies

Au papier japonais

  • An eclectic shop featuring Japanese washi paper, stationery, books & home décor as well as workshops. (Due to COVID19, workshops are currently unavailable)


  • This links directly to a great beginner calligraphy set I've come across from the brand Manuscript . The pen holder and nibs are great, but I would replace the ink that's included with something like Higgins Eternal or Moon Palace Sumi


  • DeSerres can sometimes be hit or miss when it comes to calligraphy supplies. A good rule of thumb, is if something comes in a kit, it's not great. BUT they seem to be getting better and better stock! Please let me know if you need any help navigating what's worthwhile :)


  • An art supply store that carries a wide variety of supplies. You can get paper, gouache, and other creative things here

Papeterie Saint-Armand (Montreal)

  • This paper mill was established in 1979 by David Carruthers. Their handmade paper is made one sheet at a time following traditional methods. It's such a dream to create final calligraphy pieces on their well known Canal paper

Papeterie Saint-Gilles (Quebec)

  • While I've never been to this establishment, I can attest to their great quality of paper as some of my clients have asked me to use their products. I love it

Galerie de Chine

  • Located in Chinatown, this shop sells paper (Chinese, sketch and watercolour), sumi ink, brushes (Chinese and watercolour), sketching materials, watercolour, Chinese art books, signature/decorative stamps (ready-made or custom-made) and many other fun and interesting supplies! In normal times, the owner also gives Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy courses

Kama Pigment

  • A true Montreal staple for all artists looking to create their own mediums to work with. They have an incredible selection of raw materials includes dry pigments, resins, natural glues and gums, drying oils, dyes, gold leaf, waxes, shellac, binders and even more. (The raw crystals to make walnut ink can be found here!)

Cohop Saint-Laurent des Arts

  • An impressive range of papers, pens, brushes and canvases in store, including, parallel pens, sign painters' 1 Shot, and quills



John Neal Bookseller

  • While I do love the products they have available, the conversion rate + shipping + customs can be cost prohibitive. In my opinion it's only worthwhile ordering from them if you have 1. A LOT of things to get, or 2. can order with other people so you can split the shipping and customs fees among more than just yourself

Paper & Ink Arts

  • Similar product selection as John Neal, and has the same shipping challenges for Canada




Rhodia Pads

  • Their paper is beautiful, smooth, perfect for calligraphy pens, brush pens and all of your ideas.

Dinky Dips

  • These mini inkwells allow you to see your nib as you dip into the ink, allowing you to easily control the depth. They are great for pointed pen!

Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White

  • An opaque watercolour which, when water is added to dilute, makes the best white ink. It's perfect for writing on black or coloured paper

Luthis Folding Pens

  • Folded metal pens for expressive writing and formal calligraphy.

Higgins Eternal Black Ink

  • This ink is non-waterproof and is ready to go out of the bottle - This one is my preferred practice ink for calligraphy!



  • Handcrafted oblique pen holders made in Turkey


  • Hand-made calligraphy and fountain pens, crafted in the England by Tom Gyr

Rolf Pens

  • These ruling and folded pens are handmade with 100% hardwood. They are turned using waterproof resins as well as beeswax and carnauba for a glossy result making them lasting a lifetime. Fun to use for more gestural and expressive calligraphy projects

Yoke Pen holders

  • Stunningly beautiful handmade custom pen holders. Primarily made on a custom order basis - These pen holders are definitely a treat to own!

InkSlinger Pens

  • Hand crafted holders for calligraphers to comic book inkers and everyone in between. Hand turned in Nashville, Tennessee



John Neal Bookseller

  • This is a page of online calligraphy workshops offered by some of the world's best calligraphers! Such a fun resource, especially during this strange time we're living in.

Acorn Arts

  • Run by Master Penman, Harvest Crittenden, this online calligraphy school hosts classes be renowned calligraphers such as Yves Leterme, Gemma Black, and Mike Ward

Calligraphy Everyday Class

  • Classes by international calligraphy artist Dao Huy Hoang. He specializes in pointed pen and handmade oblique pen holders




  • IAMPETH is an international, non-profit association over 1100 members strong dedicated to practicing and preserving the beautiful arts of calligraphy, engrossing and fine penmanship.  Founded in 1949, it is the oldest and largest penmanship organization in the United States.

  • Both free and paid resources will be found here, including the first interactive iBook for Copperplate-style Calligraphy made specifically for the Apple iPad.

Palmer Method

  • The object of this website is to teach rapid, easily-executed, business writing


  • Great archive of old calligraphy books, manuscripts, and other information - All free!


  • A curated archive of trusted tools and resources for the lettering artist’s studio and business

Calligraphy Crush Magazine

  • A calligraphy magazine for calligraphers, hand lettering artists, and other creatives who joyfully create beautiful letters as a hobby, side hustle, or full-time business.

Penna Volans

  • A website dedicated to beautiful letters and their stories

Letter Arts Review

  • Internationally recognized as the preeminent magazine for calligraphers and lettering artists, the award-winning quarterly journal will acquaint you with today's fresh and innovative leaders as well as yesterday's legends.

Bound & Lettered

  • Bound & Lettered provides practical information on bookbinding, calligraphy, artists' books, and papercraft. You will find each issue filled with wonderful ideas & projects.


  • UPPERCASE publishes books and magazines for the creative and curious: publications that spark the imagination and inspire creativity.


I hope this information is helpful to you, whether you are a seasoned calligrapher, or just picked up a pen yesterday

Let me know below if you think I missed something, or have any questions!

Stay safe,


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