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Calligraphy, Engraving & Personalisation


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My home base on the internet. Here you'll find a full portfolio, my blog, starting service prices, and more.

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We’ve all been there, we need to write an email to a client and have no idea where to start! 


Maybe we want to email a client to pitch our services during the holidays, maybe we want to email our client to update them on our new pricing for the year, or maybe we need to tell a lead that we’re not available to work for them when they want!


Since 2019 (and with the help of a few calligra-friends) I’ve been accumulating some key business templates that have helped me kill it! And now I want to share them with YOU, my fellow small business owners. 

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In this workbook you will find some simple exercises to help you explore the ideas in your head in an organized and productive way. These exercises will help you understand not only WHY you want to take these next steps, but also help you prioritize WHAT you want to do for YOUR business. 


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If you're an artist, graphic designer, photographer, or even a calligrapher, I promise to help you take your creative business where you want it to go.

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8. Black and White Calligraphy Supplies.

Blog posts about everything from wedding invitations, wedding stationary, and calligraphy resources.

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A live spreadsheet of either Canadian brands or shops that sell calligraphy and art supplies in Canada. Click the photo to see more!


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If you want to learn the skills of hand-lettering and take it beyond paper, this online course is perfect for you!

Doris covers lettering on paper, chalkboard, wood, mirrors, glass, and textiles, just to name a few! Not only do you get videos explaining what you should do, but you get handouts that are full of information, exercises, and tips to go along with every module. 

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If you already know the basic rules of calligraphy or hand-lettering and want to expand your service to have some more revenue, this online corse is perfect for you! 

You can use your new skills to better serve your clients, create new pieces of art for yourself and your friends & family, and express yourself in entirely new artistic ways.


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A beginners art course for calligraphers and beginner artists.
This course is a utopia of learning content to take you from the beginning stages to beyond, through self-guided modules along with an exclusive community of artists, a lifetime entry to monthly live zoom painting workshops, & a welcome gift. 

This class is for you if....

♡You’re an on-site calligrapher who is ready to expand your services

♡ You want to learn a new technique for personalizing gifts.    

♡You want to create an enjoyable and profitable side hustle.

♡You want a break from your day-to-day routine by learning a new skill.


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An online platform that will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about truly going pro. The courses available teach you everything from 'Finding Your Style" to "Attracting Your Dream Client"

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Heard of 17hats? I use it to organize and automate my small business, and I swear by it. Their feature-packed platform saves me time and money, and lets me focus on what I do best – not paperwork.

And only because you’ve been referred by me, a 17hats member, can you get this special pricing. But be sure to use this referral code 'crsnnwpfbk' to get this invitation-only pricing. Just click on picture! 

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